Suntech Solar Simplifies Solar Power

Wouldn't it be great to lower or even eliminate your electric bills while ensuring a cleaner environment for generations to come? If so, then the answer is solar.
Solar power installations have grown exponentially over the past few years with a new homeowner going solar roughly every 90 seconds. Even still, the process of going solar can be confusing.
Our experts do all the legwork. We are known for our customer service as our highly trained team ensure your installation goes smoothly. It all begins with a quick consultation with one of our solar experts.

In BC you pay a higher price depending on your consumption. Once you consume a certain amount, each unit of electricity costs about 50 percent more.
It’s possible to offset all of your power in the summer and a sizeable portion in the winter.
This article by BC Hydro gives in depth information on Solar Pawer & things one should know before going solar.

Environment Friendly

Solar panels help to reduce the environmental footprint. By going solar, you are showing leadership and helping to save our environment.

Solar Warranty & ROI

Today’s solar panels have a warranty of 25-30 years. A typical pay-back period is approximately 12-15 years. This means you can have 13-18 years, and longer, of free power. This is a valuable return on investment when compared to other investment options.

Net Metering

BC has net metering, which allows homes with solar power to plug into the grid easily. As a net metering customer, when you generate more electricity than you consume, you receive a credit to your account. If solar is not providing all of the energy, the grid will supply rest. This page gives in depth information about BC Hydro Net Metering Program.

Solar Net Metering Process.jpeg