Infinite Energy, Instant Savings!

What if you discovered a natural gas deposit beneath your business? Would you invest in a well for access to free energy? Similarly with having sunny days mostly every year, BC businesses have a unique opportunity to access an unlimited and totally clean power supply right above our heads.
Using BC’s most abundant natural resource to cut energy costs and lock in predictable operating expenses can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. It’s the reason that some of the world’s most successful companies are also leaders in commercial solar installations. An investment in solar just makes good business sense.

Accelerated Depreciation

Commercial businesses with solar are eligible for accelerated depreciation. Businesses can deduct about 50 percent of the system cost per year on a declining basis providing a significant offset to the upfront cost.

Reduce Operating Expense

By purchasing solar power you are able to immediately reduce your electricity bills, improving cashflow. Adding to this, solar can dramatically reduce a building’s Demand Charge costs. Many of our clients value the ability to lock in low energy prices for years to come.